A subfile is a fully functional Mandrel file which contains a subsection of your cost breakdown structure, together with a copy of all the general data and report configurations that were in the parent file. A parent file can be a master file or any other subfile.


Exporting a Subfile

You can create a subfile from a master file or from any other subfile.


Data Entry

You can enter data into a subfile just as you would into a master file. You can make additions or changes to its cost breakdown structure, its cost item data, and its general data and report configurations. You can also export lower-level subfiles from any subfile.



When the data entry process is complete, you can then import the subfile back into the parent file, where its data will be seamlessly integrated with that of the parent file. You can import it more than once if new data becomes available in the subfile.


Subfile Limitations

Mandrel will not permit you to make changes that would make the data in the subfile incompatible with its parent file. For example, within a subfile you cannot:

- change the cost allocation system;

- change the risk matrix configuration;

- change the quantity unit or the currency of a common price definition, i.e. a price definition inherited from a parent file.