Importing a Subfile


Menu Command:     Tools Menu/Subfiles/Import Subfile


The standard Windows Open File form will be displayed. Select the file you want to import.


Import Process

If the selected file is recognized as a subfile of the currently open file, all the cost breakdown structure in the subfile, all the data associated with each cost item, and any new or modified items of general data will be imported and integrated into the currently open file.


Report configurations in the subfile will not be imported.


Importing into an Ancestor

You can import a subfile into the parent of its parent or into a more distant ancestor provided that all the intermediate single-level imports have already occurred. For example, you can import a level 2 subfile into the master file provided that both the 2/1 import (level 2 into its level 1 parent) and 1/0 import (level 1 into the master file) have previously occurred.


Fatal Errors

If a fatal error occurs, the import process will be halted before any changes have been made to the parent file.