Creating Identification Fields


The Identification Field Definition form allows you to create identification fields. To call up this form:


During datafile setup:

      Click on the Identification Fields button on the Parameters page of the Datafile Setup form.



      Use menu call Setup Menu/Identification Fields.



Creating a Field

Click on the Add Field button. You can have up to 16 identification fields.


Naming a Field

Select the field to be named then simply type its name. If you have just clicked the Add Field button the new field will already be selected. Names may include any alphanumeric characters. Use the Delete key on your keyboard to delete an existing name and the Backspace key to correct an error.


Selecting a Field Type

Select a field then click on one of the options in the Field Type frame. If you select List as the field type you must then select the list type from the List Type frame.


Defining Lists

If the field type you have selected for a new field is List, you may proceed directly to the List Editor to enter the list for that field via the Define List button. You cannot enter or change the list for an existing field from this form. You must do this via menu call Editing/More Edit Functions/List Editor.

If your list field type is Open, you can alternatively build the list up as you go, by typing individual entries into the field box as and when they are required. You cannot do this with a Fixed list, so you must use the List Editor for such lists.


Deleting a Field

Select the field to be deleted then click on Delete Field. After you have left the form a check will be made to see if the field is in use in any cost item in your datafile. If it is, the deletion will be rejected and the field will be replaced.


Field Display Order

The order in which the fields will be shown for data entry will be the order in which their names are shown on this form. You can alter the order by selecting a field and clicking on the Position Change control.

If you delete a field and the deletion is subsequently rejected (see above), the deleted field will be replaced. However, it will have lost its place in the display order, so it will be replaced at the bottom of the list. You can use the Position Change control to restore it to its original place.