Headers & Footers


Headers and footers are the tags shown at the top and bottom respectively of printed pages. All Report Designers have the capability to define headers and footers.


Headers and footers are defined using a standard page layout on the Report Designer. The Cost Register Designer Headers & Footers page is shown here for illustration:


Cost Register HeaderFooter Page


Reports can have up to three headers (left, center and right) and up to three footers (left, center and right) on every page. Note that headers and footers are only displayed on the printed version of the report. To view them without actually printing the report, click on the Print Preview button on the Mandrel toolbar after you have created a report.


Defining a Header or Footer

To define a header or footer, click on the box immediately to the right of the header or footer name. A list will drop down showing the items available for selection. These are:


Header/Footer Type


  Text User-defined text string
  Date The date on which the reported was generated.
N.B. If you want to display a fixed date, select Text as the header/footer type and insert the date as a text string.
  Datafile title The name that has been given to the datafile during the initial setup process and which appears on the screen when the datafile is loaded
  File name The name under which the datafile is stored on your system, e.g. ‘MyDatafile.xls’
  Configuration name The name given to the current report configuration. If the default configuration is being used the name will be ‘Default Configuration’, otherwise it will be the name of the custom configuration you are using.
  Page number A simple integer, e.g. '3'
  'Page n' Page number, e.g. 'Page 3'
  'Page n of m' Page number showing also the total number of pages in the report, e.g. 'Page 3 of 5'


If you select Text, a text box will appear to the right in which you can enter the text to be displayed in that position. (The illustration shows the center header in text mode, with the word 'CONFIDENTIAL' as the text to be displayed). For any other selection the text box will not appear because the header or footer will be generated by Mandrel.


Removing a Header or Footer

To remove a header or footer, select None from the drop-down list.


Font Characteristics

When you have selected a header/footer type from the list, other than None, the font characteristics box at the top of the page will go live and will show the header or footer name. You can select the font type and size and can select any of bold, italic and underline. Every header and footer can have its own set of font characteristics independently of the other headers and footers.

The illustration above shows the center header to be in 12-point, bold Arial font