Risk Matrix Basic Design


The Basic Design page of the Risk Matrix Report Designer allows you to set the overall layout and content of a risk matrix report.


RMR Basic Design Page


Matrix Annotation

The annotation defined for the horizontal and vertical axes when setting up the risk matrix will be used by default. However, for special purposes you can substitute different terms for these. The vertical axis term is limited to 14 characters.


Sidebar Layout

Individual risk-identifying tags in the sidebars are normally arranged so that arrows between them and the matrix will not cross each other. This makes the report easy to read, but often has the effect that the order in which risks are shown in the sidebars does not represent their risk severity. Choosing the Show in risk severity order option will cause the risk tags to appear in order of risk rank, from top to bottom on the right hand side, then from top to bottom on the left. However, this can cause arrows to cross, which may make the report difficult to read, particularly if there are many risks.


Data Compression

The matrix size, e.g. 5x5, is usually selected when the datafile is first opened, and is known as the base matrix. It cannot be changed once one or more risk impact scales have been defined. However, you can use the data compression option to display the data with a smaller matrix than the base matrix. For example, if your base matrix is 5x5, you can show the data on a 3x3 matrix. While Mandrel will attempt to make the reduced matrix as close as possible to the base matrix, you can format the reduced matrix independently by clicking on the Define Reduced Matrix button after you have selected the reduced matrix size.


Impact Data

If you have defined any non-cost impacts, you can choose to have the report show only one of those impacts, or you can choose to show all impacts combined (the latter is the default option).

If you have defined weighting factors for any impacts of less than 100% you can choose to show impacts with or without weighting. If all impacts are weighted at 100% this option is irrelevant.


Matrix Display Size

If you have a large number of risks, the sidebars will extend a considerable distance above and below the matrix. Since risk matrix reports are always printed on a single page, the print scaling process used to fit everything on the page can shrink the matrix to an uncomfortably small size. The Constant size when printed option will increase the matrix size shown on the screen so that it will have a constant size on the printed page.

This option will have no discernible effect if there are only a few risks to be displayed.


Printed Output

You may select the paper size on which the risk matrix report is to be printed, and the print orientation (landscape or portrait). If you select a paper size which is not supported by your printer, an error will occur when you try to produce the report.