Report Designers


The five major reports are configurable and have dedicated Report Designers which enable new configurations to be developed.

Report Designers are intended for general use and do not need any special programming skills to use them.

Report Designers have some features which are specific to the report type with which they are associated, but they also have some common features. These include:


Field Selection and Formatting

Fields, i.e. the individual data quantities which are to be included in the report, are always user selectable, as is their placement and formatting.


Cost and Non-Cost Fields

A cost field is any field which contains cost-related data, such as a monetary value or a number of labor hours. A non-cost field is a field whose contents are not directly related to a cost value, such as a cost item name.

Selecting fields for inclusion in reports is implemented differently for cost and non-cost fields. Non-cost fields are selected from lists. However, this is impractical for cost fields because it is possible to define over a billion different cost fields within Mandrel. Consequently, cost fields are selected by defining the characteristics of the field you wish to be included.


Cost Fields

Cost fields available for inclusion in a report include:

- Actual cost values (individual cost elements or totals)

- Defined cost values such as labor hours or materials quantities

- Contingency amounts or other variances (actual or percentage)

- Tax amounts or amounts with tax

- Cost allocated amounts

- Cost performance fields such as estimate to/at completion

- Weighted costs (actual cost multiplied by probability for risk items)


Data Selection

A report can consist of every cost item or only a selected subset of them. All Report Designers have a data selection facility for this purpose. This facility does not require any special programming skills.


Headers & Footers

All Report Designers provide a capability to define headers and footers to be displayed on printed versions of reports