Exporting Reports


Report Files

A Report File is an Excel (.xls) file containing one or more Mandrel reports which can be distributed electronically and can be read using Microsoft Excel (version 2000 or later). Recipients do not need Mandrel software to view report files. Report files are normally read-only, and cannot be modified by the recipients.


Report File Content

Report files can contain multiple reports of the same type, and any mix of different types of reports. Each report file can contain up to 254 separate reports. All reports in a report file are normally password protected and contain header data indicating the datafile name, the report configuration name, and the date of the report. A front sheet gives a listing of all the reports contained in the file.


Report File Security

Each report in a report file is normally protected and cannot be modified by the recipient. However, tabular reports such as the cost register may optionally be transmitted without any protection or with a user-defined password so that they can be modified by their recipients. Use menu call Reports Menu/Report File Security:

Non-tabular reports such as the cost item summary and the risk matrix report are always protected and cannot be modified.


Copy to Clipboard

Any Mandrel report may be copied to the Windows clipboard via a button on the Reports menu. The report may then be pasted into other documents, such as PowerPoint slides or Microsoft Word documents.

If a report is too large for the page in the document to which it is pasted, it may be reduced by clicking on one corner of the pasted report and dragging it to the required size.


Exporting as a PDF File

Any Mandrel report may be converted to PDF (portable document format) via a button on the Reports menu, provided you have Adobe Acrobat software installed on your system. You will need Acrobat rather than the freeware Acrobat Reader.