Creating Reports


Mandrel provides fived major report types and several subsidiary report types. Major report types are:

•   Cost register

•   Cost item summary

•   Actions Report

•   Risk matrix report

•   Weighted Cost Report


All five report types have associated report designers that allow you to adapt the report for your own purposes. A report designer allows you to define the content, layout and format of a report.


Report types are classified for convenience as tabular or non-tabular. Tabular reports, such as the cost register, the actions report, and the weighted cost report, consist of text only in rows and columns. Non-tabular reports, such as the cost item summary and the risk matrix report, do not follow a row/column layout and usually contain a mixture of graphics and text.


Other Report Types

Mandrel provides several other report types which are listed in the table below. These reports do not have dedicated report designers.





Cost Breakdown Structure Report showing the cost breakdown structure Report menu
Prices Tabular report showing price definitions. Every definition or a specified subset can be shown. Prices form
Taxes Tabular report showing every tax definition Taxes form
Currencies Tabular report showing every active currency and their exchange rates Currencies form
Risk Assessment Scales Tabular report showing every risk assessment scale Risk impacts form
Lists Single column report showing the contents of a selected list List Editor