Cost Register Basic Design


The Basic Design page of the Cost Register Report Designer provides options for:

   1.  Report detail

   2.  Spacer rows

   3.  Report currency

   4.  Row/column freezing



Report Detail

You can show individual cost items in a cost register, or you can show rolled-up costs. If you show the latter, you can roll costs up by cost breakdown structure or by any of your identification fields.


Option 1 - Show Individual Cost Items

Selecting this option will show each individual cost item in the report plus subtotals down to the level you select. Level 0 will show a bottom line total only in addition to the individual cost items. Level 1 will show a bottom line total plus a subtotal for every level 1 cost item family, and so on.


Option 2 - Summarize to Cost Breakdown Level

Selecting this option will roll up individual cost items into subtotals down to the specified cost breakdown structure level. Level 0 is the bottom line total. A report with this option with summation to level 0 will consist of a single line showing overall cost totals for each field.


Option 3 - Summarize by Identification Field

Selecting this option will roll up individual cost items by entry in the selected identification field. A bottom line total will also be shown. You can show only those items in the identification field list which have associated cost items, or you can show every item in the list, whether in use or not.


Spacer Rows

The readability of a cost register is often enhanced by judiciously inserted blank rows. You can insert one or more blank rows before and after:

1.   every cost item at a specified cost breakdown level, and

2.   every subtotal at a specified cost breakdown level (level 0 = bottom line total)

Option 1 is only available when the report shows individual cost items. Option 2 is always available.



You can show the cost register in any currency, provided you supply an appropriate exchange rate. You can enter an exchange rate from the Cost Register Report Designer, and this will override any stored exchange rate. Exchange rates entered in this way will not be permanently stored, so you can use this facility to answer 'what-if' questions without accidently leaving unrealistic exchange rates in storage.


Row/Column Freezing

You can freeze the header row and up to 10 columns on the left hand side of the report, so that when you scroll down or across on your screen to see other parts of the report, these rows/columns will remain visible.