Cost Item Summary General Design


The General Design page of the Cost Item Summary Report Designer allows you to set the overall layout and content of a cost item summary report.


CIS Designer General


Block Sizes

The Description, Cost and Actions blocks of the Cost Item Summary report occupy three rectangular blocks positioned one underneath the other. The Block Sizes controls allow you to specify their relative heights and, if required, to remove any of them.

The height available for all three blocks together is the overall report height less the height of the Header block. The overall report height depends on the page size for which the report is formatted.  The Header block height depends on the number of header lines and the font sizes used in those lines.


Removing a Block

To remove a block, click on its name so that the tick mark in its box disappears.


Changing the Size of a Block

To change the height of a block relative to the overall available height, slide the adjacent bar to the left or right. The relative height is shown as a percentage to the right of the slider. To fix the height of one of the blocks while you change the other two, click in the Lock box to the right of the relative height display.


Page Size

You may size your report for printing on any page size supported by Mandrel (letter, legal, B-size, A4 and A3).  Page orientation is always landscape.

If you select a page size which is not supported by your printer, an error will occur when you generate the report.


Cost Allocation

If you have set up a cost allocation system, you can report on a single allocation block, or on all blocks combined (default option). If you select a single allocation block, it is recommended that you include the allocation block name as one of the fields in your Header block. (Click on Add Data Field on the Header Block page, then select Cost Allocation from the list of options.)


Closure Criteria For Risks

If the cost item is a risk and you have entered any closure criteria for it, you can display the criteria at the side of the Actions Block. Click on Show closure criteria to display.


Approvals Block

If your organization has a formal approvals process for individual cost items or for risk opening or closure, you can include an Approvals block at the side of the Actions Block in Cost Item Summary reports.

To activate the Approvals block, click on Show Approvals block in the Approvals Block frame. Type the signatory names (up to four) in the text entry boxes that will appear. These boxes will not be shown unless you require them.