Cost Item Summary Description Block


The Description Block page of the Cost Item Summary Report Designer allows you to define the content and format of the Description block. This includes the Cost Item Description area, the Comments area, and, if the cost item is a risk, the Risk Matrix area. The relative widths of these block may be adjusted, and any of them may be removed if not required.


CIS Designer Description Block


Data Descriptions

Cost Item Description:        any text entered into the Cost Item Description box on the Summary page of the Cost Data Entry form

Comments:                       any text entered as General Comments on the Comments page of the Cost Data Entry form

Risk Matrix:                       a miniature risk matrix showing the impact and probability of the cost item. Position on the matrix is indicated by a black dot. Only shown for risks.


Block Widths

To change the width of a block relative to the overall available width, slide the relevant bar to the left or right. The relative width is shown as a percentage to the right of the slider. To fix the width of one of the blocks while you change the other two, click in the Lock box to the right of the relative width display. To remove a block altogether, click on its name so that the tick mark in its box disappears.

The risk matrix block will only be included if the cost item is a risk.


Font Control

You may select the font size and bold/italic characteristics of the both the Description block and the Comments block. If you select the Fixed font size option, any text which will not fit in to the available space will be truncated. If you select the Adaptive font size option, font size will be automatically reduced to fit the text into the available space. Font size will not be reduced below 6-point type, after which truncation will be used.


General Comments

General comments may be shown in latest-first or earliest-first order.