Actions Report


An actions report is a tabular report consisting of rows and columns of data which show actions associated with cost items. You can control the fields (i.e. columns) and the records (i.e. rows) included in the report, as well as all aspects of formatting.


Actions Report Example


Any single cost item can have up to 32 actions associated with it. Each action within a cost item has a serial number in the range 1-32, and actions reports will normally show both the cost item number and the action number, as well as any other data you wish to show.


The available action fields are:

   - Action number

   - Action description

   - Actionee

   - Comments

   - Due date

   - Status  (open, ongoing, on-hold, closed)

   - Priority (normal, urgent, critical)

   - Date opened

   - Date of last update


The Comments field can hold about 700-800 words of text, and can be added to or modified at any time. It is often used as an ongoing record of activities and information for lengthy and complex actions.


You can also include cost item fields in an actions report, such as cost item numbers and names. Since these fields will be the same for each action within any one cost item, you can optionally leave them blank after the first action, as shown in the example above.