Currency Exchange Rates

Any cost element in any cost item can be expressed in any currency. Different cost elements within the same cost item can have different currencies.


Mandrel provides built-in definitions for the more commonly used currencies, plus an ability to define additional currencies. Exchange rates for all currencies can be specified.


N.B. Currency conversion only occurs when a report is generated, so updating an exchange rate does not require you to change any stored cost item data.


Currencies Form

Use menu call Setup Menu/Currencies to bring up the Currencies form.



Exchange Rates

The exchange rate for a particular currency is entered as the number of units of that currency which equal 1 unit of the base currency. Rates are entered as a simple numeric value. Do not include any currency symbols with them.


Exchange Rate Input While Generating Reports

If you create a report which requires an exchange rate and no rate has yet been specified for that currency, Mandrel will ask you for a rate. However, such rates are not stored but are discarded once the report has been generated. The only way to store a rate is to enter it via the Currencies form.


Rate Validity

Where exchange rates are critical to cost, you can arrange for all the exchange rates in your datafile to expire after a given time, thus forcing you to enter updated rates. The default option is that exchange rates have an indefinite lifetime and do not expire. However, if required, exchange rates can be set to expire in 30 days, 7 days or 1 day.