Adding & Removing Currencies


Mandrel provides built-in definitions for the more commonly used currencies, plus an ability to define additional currencies.


Currencies Form

1.  If you have just opened a new datafile and are in the Datafile Setup form, you can access the Currencies form by clicking on the Currencies button on the Datafile Parameters page of that form,


2.  Use menu call Setup Menu/Currencies to bring up the Currencies form.



Adding a Currency

1.   Enter the currency name into the Currency box on the first empty row. If no empty rows are visible, scroll down until one comes into view.

2.   Enter a suitable symbol into the Symbol box on that row. You can choose whether the symbol is to be a prefix or a suffix (e.g. $123 or 123 $) in the Symbol Position frame.

3.   If the currency is going to be your base currency, click on OK to return to the Datafile Setup form. You should now find the currency available on the Base Currency drop-down list on that form.

4.   If the new currency is not going to be your base currency and you wish to use that currency in a report, enter an exchange rate for it in the Exchange Rate box on that row. You do not need to enter a rate until you want to use that currency in a report.


Removing a Currency

Currencies cannot be deleted because the most commonly used ones are built-in. However, you can de-activate a currency by clicking the Active box next to it so that the tick mark disappears. De-activated currencies will not be available for selection during cost data input, will not appear on currency reports, nor can you enter exchange rates for them.