Monte Carlo Report Designer


If you are using the Monte Carlo facility to analyse data in a Mandrel datafile, Mandrel will create a spreadsheet-based report into which you can insert @Risk Monte Carlo formulas for subsequent analysis.


The Monte Carlo Report Designer allows you to specify:

•     the analysis field

•     the cost breakdown structure subset to be analysed

•     whether or not to show empty cost items


Calling the Report Designer

1.   Open the Mandrel datafile which you wish to analyse.

2.   Use menu call Tools Menu/Monte Carlo ‘@Risk’ Setup/Report Designer to bring up the Monte Carlo Report Designer.

Selecting an Analysis Field

Click on the Select Field button in the Analysis Field frame. The standard Cost Field Definition form will appear, from which you can choose a new analysis field.


Selecting a Subset of Cost Items for Analysis

The Report Designer contains the standard 3-level data selection controls.



By default, only cost items with data in them are copied to the analysis workbook, since Monte Carlo analysis will ignore empty cost items. However, if you wish to show all cost items in your selected subset, regardless of whether they have data in them, click on the Include all selected cost items option in the Pre-Selection frame.