Risk Impact Assessment


The Risk page will only be accessible if the current cost item has been defined as a risk, i.e. has been assigned a probability of less than 100%.


Each impact that has been defined will be displayed in the left-hand panel of the Risk page of the Cost Data Entry form. Click on any one to show its details and enter data for it.


Cost Data Entry Risk Page


Cost-Only Impacts

Enter the expected cost amount for the selected impact in the box in the Associated Cost frame. Mandrel will then show the impact level, based on your impact assessment scale.


Overall Cost Impact

Overall cost is determined by the sum of the values entered on the Direct Cost and Defined Cost pages. This sum is displayed on the Risk page for convenience, but cannot be edited here.


Non-Cost Impacts

Click on Show Impact Scale to display the relevant impact assessment scale, then select the appropriate level. Alternatively, just dial up the expected  level using the up/down arrows in the Impact Level frame.


Associated Costs

If you have defined an associated cost scale for this non-cost impact, the pre-defined amount for the level you select will be shown in the Associated Cost frame. You may accept this amount or change it.


Cost Mirroring

The cost associated with each impact, if any, will be mirrored on the Direct Cost page. For example, if you have an impact named Schedule and enter a cost value for it on the Risk page, this will be shown on the Direct Cost page as Schedule Impact.



You can enter comments for each impact in the Comments box.


Risk Closure Criteria

The closure criteria associated with a risk may be entered on the Risk page of the Cost Data Entry form. You can enter up to 1024 characters (about 150-200 words) for each risk.