Reporting With Cost Allocation


If you have a cost allocation system, you have the option when making reports of showing cost data for individual allocation blocks or the totals for all blocks combined.


When selecting a cost field for inclusion in a cost register report, you will use the Cost Field Definition form. The Cost Allocation frame on this form allows you to select either a single allocation block or all blocks combined.



Creating a Cost Allocated Cost Register Report

1.   Assume you have set up a cost allocation system with 4 blocks, representing the years 2011 to 2014 (insert your own values here.)


2.   Create a cost register report with the following fields:

          Cost item number

          Cost item name

          Overall cost total for 2011

          Overall cost total for 2012

          Overall cost total for 2013

          Overall cost total for 2014

          Overall cost total (all blocks combined)