Starting Mandrel


Mandrel uses Microsoft Excel as a base, and is perceived by Excel as a very large macro. Consequently, every time you open Mandrel, Excel will give you a warning about macros.


To prevent this notice appearing:


1.   Open Excel (without Mandrel)

2a.  Excel 2007:  click on the Office button at top left of your screen and select Excel Options at the bottom of the form that will appear, or

2b.  Excel 2010:  click on the File tab at top left of your screen and select Options from the list on the left hand side

3.   Select successively Trust Center  / Trust Center Settings  /  Trusted Locations

4.   Click on Add new location, then use the Browse button to locate the directory in which Mandrel has been installed. Typically this will be C:\Program Files\Davion\Mandrel for Excel 2007, or C:\Program Files (x86)\Davion\Mandrel for Excel 2010.


Startup Screen

When you have opened Mandrel, you will see the Startup screen.


Select one of the five options:


Most Recent

Opens the Mandrel file you used most recently. If this is your first time using Mandrel, there will be no such file and this button will be greyed out.



Allows you to open any file in the normal fashion.



Brings up the Datafile Setup form which allows you to create a new Mandrel datafile.



Brings you to this tutorial. You can always return to this tutorial via menu call Help/Tutorial.



Simply exits from the Startup screen and leaves you to take your own action. This is for experienced users only - don't take this option if you are a new user!



Automatic Project Opening

When you have created a Mandrel datafile, the next time you open Mandrel you will see:

1.   The Most Recent button will be colored red and the name of your datafile will be shown to its right.

2.    At the bottom of the screen you will see a check box with the words 'Open <filename> automatically in future'. If you check this box then Mandrel will automatically open this datafile in future without showing the Startup screen. An option will be available on the main menu to turn this feature off.