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About Davion

Davion Systems Ltd was founded in 1991 as a project risk management consulting company based in Ottawa, Canada. With many clients in both the public and private sectors we soon realized the need for software risk management tools, but were unable to locate any that met our exacting standards. As a result we began to develop some small-scale tools for in-house use, and by the late 90's had developed a full-capability tool both for our own use and as a commercial product.

Our first product, RIAS, or Risk Information and Assessment System, has been used for many years in the public and private sectors. Typical areas in which RIAS has been used are space projects, nuclear submarine decommissioning, major construction projects, software development projects, drug company indemnification, major government procurement, and business continuity planning.

While RIAS is and continues to be a useful tool, our experience over the years taught us that more was needed. We found that many projects run into difficulty not because of poor management but because the scope of the project had not been clearly visualized at the start. We needed to be able to pin down and plot out ('capture') areas of uncertainty and risk and build these into the budgetary process from the beginning.

In 2007 we took a clean sheet of paper and asked ourselves 'What do you need so that you can capture uncertainty and risk when costing a project or program?' And so Mandrel was born. It has been through many iterations since then and has benefited from a lot of feedback from our clients. Mandrel is now a reliable, well-developed tool for costing projects and programs where uncertainty is a fact of life.


Our Clients Include:

Canadian Space Agency
Mandrel has been selected by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to support all its projects. All space projects are inherently risky (once it's up there, it either works or it doesn't - there are no second chances), and CSA has been a long-time user of Davion's RIAS software to measure and control risk. However, in moving to Mandrel they have now taken the process a step further, by integrating uncertainty measurement and control into projects from the outset.

Canadarm2 releases the Kounotori2 from the Space Station. Credit: NASA


March 28, 2011 - The Japanese cargo ship Kounotori2, "white stork" in Japanese, was captured in free flight by the International Space Station using CSA's Canadarm2 robotic arm.




CSA illustration showing the RadarSat constellation of Earth-imaging satellites currently under development which will be launched in 2014/2015 to give worldwide coverage.

CSA RADARSAT series of satellites have been providing high resolution radar imagery of our planet since 1995. The RADARSAT Constellation is the evolution of the RADARSAT Program with the objectives of ensuring data continuity and improved system reliability. The three-satellite configuration will provide daily access to 95% of the world to Canadian and international users. Mission development began in 2005, with satellite launches planned for 2014 and 2015. Credit: CSA.


For more information
visit the Canadian Space Agency Website


Altus Group
Altus Group use Mandrel software for risk control. In particular, they find Mandrel's capability to provide an easy-to-use front end to @Risk Monte Carlo software improves their productivity.


Altus Group image showing Toronto’s CityPlace. Altus has been involved with the project since 1999


Prominently located on the former railway lands of Toronto's downtown waterfront area, Concorde Adex's CityPlace is the city's largest planned urban community. Altus Group has been involved with the project since 1999, continuing to provide cost consulting, realty tax and valuation service as the community expands.



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visit the Altus Group Website



AECOM Technology Corporation is a global provider of professional technical and management support services to a broad range of markets, including transportation, facilities, environmental, energy, water and government. AECOM uses Mandrel for project costing and risk analysis.

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